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僵尸大战 3 – Chinese Zombie War 3 
An ancient world awaiting it’s doomsday; where zombies wreck havoc, demons run amok and humans massacring one another.
A Chinese Zombie theme traditional RPG game in full 3D.

僵尸大战 2 群魔乱舞 – Chinese Zombie War 2 Demon Arise
做为初出茅庐的小道士,玩家协助美丽性感的美女幽灵对抗种类繁多的幽灵,僵尸;如清朝僵尸,格格,强盗及断头僵尸…等等多不胜举…,还有许多mini boss如将军,和尚等等 各种神魔鬼怪。
Sung is an apprentice taoist warrior in the world of ancient China. The undead, zombie (or so call vampire ) and ghost infested the town and city, filling the environment with dark aura and stench of rotting zombie / vampire. Come and join in the journey of Sung and his beautiful, sexy ghost girl in the battle of zombies!